The Revolutionary New Advancement in Liquid Fossil Fuel and Engine Oil Technologies

Ben Song, Inventor & CEO, H2OIL CorporationBen Song, Inventor & CEO,H2OIL Corporation
With more than two decades of R&D expertise in combustions of liquid fossil fuel and engine oil, H2OIL Corporation has developed two novel nanotechnology-based products — F2-21®eeFuel® Nanotechnology Fuel Additive and F2-21®eeLube® Nanotechnology Engine Oil Additive — as the critical solutions for curbing costs, reducing pollution, and lowering the impact of fossil fuels and engine oil on the global climate crisis.

Both F2-21® Nanotech Additives are easy to use and cost-effective. They require no infrastructure changes and no engine or equipment modifications of any kind. The Additives can be introduced into the fuel or oil stream at the production process or into bulk fuel or engine oil tanks by the distributor. While eeFuel® is designed to improve fuel efficiency across all fuel types including gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, bio-fuels, fuel oils, aviation fuel, eeLube® will greatly help oil producers and users make their engine oils more efficient by saving fuel, lowering toxic tailpipe emissions, boosting engine power, and protecting the engine.

In a field where skepticism is high, we were able to prove that our products significantly improve fuel economy, reduce operation costs, and achieve the social responsibility of significantly lowering pollutive emissions

Both F2-21® Additives influence combustion at the molecular level -- chemically, physically, and catalytically, at different points in the combustion cycle. Utilizing its proprietary F2-21®Nanotechnology, F2-21®Nanoclusters (between 3 to 9 nanometers in diameter) in the fuel or engine oil will “explode” into steam at high temperatures in the combustion chamber creating F2-21® Micro-explosions. These Micro-explosions serve two critical functions: firstly, they break up larger fuel and oil droplets, effectively increasing the total combustion surface of the fuel or oil droplets, resulting in complete combustion. Secondly, it breaks down carbon deposits inside engines, and prevents future carbon build-up.
The net benefits of complete combustion are greater fuel efficiency --saved fuel, increased power, and lowered harmful emissions. The process breaks down and cleans engine deposits, thus reducing engine wear and prolonging engine life. Fewer carbon deposits result in cooler combustion, reduced NOx emissions, and cleaner crankcase oil. All of these improvements consistently appear at significant levels across all application types.

Supported by a large number of detailed performance reports from large scale applications worldwide, H2OIL’s F2-21® Additives have been proven to be very effective in boosting combustion efficiency, improving fuel economy by up to 15 percent, and lowering harmful exhaust emissions by up to 50 percent and clean all engine deposits.

F2-21® Additives have been proved effective in the field by heavy-duty commercial users. Below are some relevant field test reports:

  • Our core technology was truly the first of its kind; a completely novel concept at a time before the term ‘nanotechnology’ meant anything to anyone outside of the scientific community

• In a two-year of actual field driving test conducted by TNO (the EU’s top testing lab), 538 heavy-duty trucks from 15 fleet companies drove over 8.8 million miles using approximately 125,000 gallons of eeFuel® treated diesel fuel. The results found an average fuel savings of 9.7 percent, and smoke emissions reduction of 23 percent. Considering the large number of heavy vehicles, the extensive testing period, and the significant distance traveled, the results were striking and conclusive.

• Italian Railroads with eeFuel® treated diesel fuel achieved savings of 8 percent and reduced toxic emissions by 40 percent with all engine deposits cleaned.

•RoshconRotran, the large transport arm of the Eskom Group (in South Africa), has been working to determine the effects of using eeLube® in engine oil of RoshconRotran’s heavy equipment and truck fleet. RoshconRotran’s fleet is comprised of approximately 400 heavy duty diesel trucks & Nicolas Tractomas tractors, articulated interlinks, and multi-axles capable of moving bulk loads, heavy equipment, and consolidated container loads. A typical Nicolas Tractomas uses 1,000 liters of diesel per 350 km. The results were excellent. The engine deposits were clean on combustion chambers, piston crowns, and ring grooves, valve faces, and seats. The fuel economy savings achieved was about 14.07 percent. Lastly, the reduction in NOx emissions was about 17.7 percent.

• For high-sea marine vessels, eeFuel® saved 10% of Bunker C on “Yang Ming” large container ship traveling between Taiwan and USA, and 13% of diesel fuel on a large tanker ship traveling in CIS Countries.

F2-21® Additives are one of the fastest, most effective ways to help reduce global warming and address the climate crisis worldwide from burning liquid fossil fuels and using engine oil. There are also health benefits from using our F2-21® Additives, as they significantly reduce particulate matters through the complete combustion of diesel fuel and engine oil inside the combustion chamber.

H2OIL Corporation and F2-21®Nanotechnology Additives have been recognized by the United Nations, Forbes Magazine, Frost & Sullivan, the Wall Street Reporter, Nano Tsunami, Enterprise Technology Review and other publications as the leading green technology to improve liquid fossil fuel and engine oil combustion efficiency.
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