Systems Solutions Engineering and Frontier NanoSystems to Partner on Innovations Serving Ground-based Vehicle Markets

L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder & GM, Frontier NanoSystemsL. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder & GM,Frontier NanoSystems
Systems Solutions Engineering and Frontier NanoSystems today announced plans to combine capabilities and pursue business opportunities in the ground-based vehicle market. The scope of the partnership aims to serve the automotive, bus, truck, mining, agricultural, and construction vehicle markets.

Systems Solutions Engineering (SSE) was founded in 2013 to help customers in the alternative energy and vehicle markets plan their business and spur these industries to develop new products and technologies. SSE has a record of successfully introducing new vehicle technologies and drivetrain designs as well as product and durability testing equipment. Its customers include major OEMs in the ground-based vehicle market and the top brands on the automotive racetrack.

Frontier NanoSystems, LLC, (FNS) based near Austin, Texas, is a privately financed company recognized globally for its disruptive technology solutions. It provides optimized materials, expedited means for their production, and novel, globally patented circuit designs enabled by its globally patented ultra-high performance materials and manufacturing processes.

Larry Kubes, SSE Owner and CTO, commented: "The opportunity to participate in successfully driving major change is always an exciting time for any industry and its top engineers. I believe our new partnership to combine Frontier NanoSystems' ultra-high performance materials with leading edge system design holds the potential to not only perfect the new technologies currently being tested on racetracks, but to make these developments accessible for consumers in broader markets".

FNS is commercializing an advanced manufacturing technology that originated within three (3) U.S. national laboratories.
The company adapted the technology to create a new phase of matter it calls Big Nano. Big Nano endows physically large materials with the exotic quantum properties that previously were observable only in materials confined to the volume of a nanoparticle—which is invisible to the naked eye.

"Integrating Big Nano into higher value products enables industry to access the quantum realm and restructure itself for higher end-user value and producer profitability", explained Pierre de Rochemont, GM/Founder of Frontier NanoSystems. "Our focus has been to avoid developing technology that forever remains futuristic. Rather, our mission is concentrated on those technologies that solve major macroeconomic problems to make the world futurists envision the reality of everyday life."

  • Computing power that occupies a slot in a server rack will be available in the size of a credit card

Prior to forming Systems Solutions Engineering, Larry Kubes was an integral member of the GM Racing team, serving as its Business Unit Manager, Technical Program Manager, Engine Program Manager, and Project Engineer, before moving to Lake Engineering (Chief Engineer), Eaton Hybrid Systems (Chief Engineer), Adaptive Propulsion Systems (Director of Engineering), and Remy (Director of Global Engineering). "In many critical areas the needed innovations and optimal designs are compromised by suboptimal materials selections and inadequate manufacturing processes. Our partnership aims to change that equation," said Kubes.

Other highlights in Larry Kubes' career include: pioneering the first use of CNC machining and compacted graphite cast iron for engine blocks, championship-winning professional racing engine and vehicle designs, and devising alternative business methods to reach new corners of the engineering market. Larry also has 13 patents to his credit, many of which are focused on electric motor design and manufacturing. In the new partnership, Mr. Kubes will serve on the Frontier NanoSystems Board of Directors and will run the ground-based vehicle business unit.

The collaboration between the companies will encompass wide ranging technology applications. Over time, this will include products designed for higher efficiency, improved end-user experience, stricter compliance with environmental cleanliness standards, and lighter weight constructions that are safer for the driver and passengers. These new systems under development will range from simple electrical and engine components to practical deep learning AI and safer wireless systems for autonomous vehicles.

"I believe Larry Kubes is on track to being widely recognized as the modern era's Carroll Shelby. Systems Solutions Engineering is an ideal partner from the vantage point of culture, market insight, technical orientation and business ambition. Together we aim to create a perfect skunk works to incubate and deliver next generation automotive standards to the wider markets." de Rochemont emphasized.
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